About Me

Hi i’m Etaya and welcome to my Blog!


I’m from the lovely island of Trinidad and Tobago located in the Caribbean, best known for the greatest Carnival in the world (oh wait was that Brazil’s Carnival?) :).

At thirty something i’m still figuring out my place in this crazy world and decided to take a crazy step and take a break from the corporate world (hopefully permanently) after nearly being completely burnt out. 

After spending some time being a complete couch potato (being home during the work week was absolute bliss) I realized that hey! I live in one of the coolest parts of the world, made up of fantastic islands and travelling happened to be one of my passions, so why not combine the both? Hence this blog was born 🙂 and while i’ll like to say its been easy, its not so hats off to all you crazy, lovely bloggers out there, its hard darn work! 

Things that make me happy

I come from a huge, loud, crazy family who drives me crazy but I love them (a choice was not given!), I’m also the proud dog parent of a mischievous, lovable yet serious dog named “Poopers” (please don’t judge me) ha! I also love the beach, trying out new restaurants and hotspots.

I’m also a lover of Wine and Prossecco (most alcoholic beverages actually) and an avid foodie, Chinese, Italian and Indian being my favorites. 

I’m not sure where my journey will take me but please join me as I navigate my way across life, blogging, gorgeous islands and everything else in between.


Check out a small clip of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago and feel free to leave me a comment!

And always remember: 









Talk to you guys soon!